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Things To Note:

For the many years that we have been in the cleaning business in Chicago we have heard just about every question and concern our customers might have. For your convenience we have listed some of the most common of them we have been asked concerning cleaning services.

  1. Do I need someone to be home or in the office for the cleaning?
    First time clients are usually present to provide instructions on what they expect but it is not required for you to be there. If you won’t be present just make arrangements with us about access to your property.
  2. Who provides the cleaning equipment and supplies?
    We ask that you provide us with all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies needed for the cleaning. By using your equipment and supplies we limit transfer of allergens and germs from one place to the other. Safety and health is our priority.
  3. What are your payment methods?
    Currently we accept cash or check.
  4. What is the cancellation policy?
    If you need to cancel or reschedule please let us know 24 hours in advance. If for any reason you don’t cancel and our maid is left standing in front of the door we require full compensation.
  5. Is having pets a problem?
    No problem at all. All we ask is that you lock or secure your pets for safety and protection.
  6. Will I get the same maid/team every time?
    If you are satisfied with one or more of our crew members we will certainly do our best, that you get the same personnel for future appointments.
  7. What should I do with my pets during the house cleaning?
    Please advise us if you have pets and provide any information regarding your pets that would be helpful for us. Though not required, we prefer pets to be restricted from the areas we clean, so our maids can clean your home better and more efficiently.


If you don't find what you need in our list, just ask. We are flexible, reasonable and experienced in providing all kinds of cleaning services.
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